发布时间: 2023-2-23 16:46:41

    春来复“苏” 共启“新”程


    Suzhou and Singapore are Building 

    a Future-oriented Cooperation


    On February 22nd, in order to further deepen China-Singapore cooperation and promote the deep and all-round development of cooperation in all areas, Suzhou Opening & Innovation Development Investment Promotion Symposium was held in Singapore. ZHANG Xumin, Embassy Minister of the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of Singapore, Gabriel LIM, Permanent Secretary for Trade and Industry, Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore, and Cao Lubao, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee, attended the event and delivered speeches.


    Gabriel LIM expressed that the two sides can focus on green development and digital economy to lead the future. Through Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) and the Singapore International Business Cooperation Center (IBCC), industry-leading companies like GAREA Technology can be introduced to enhance cooperation between China and Singapore, facing the international market.


    Cao Lubao stated that Suzhou will persist in regarding China-Singapore cooperation as a long-term strategy for city development, prioritize open innovation as a crucial direction, trade in services as a critical area and highlight two-way investment as a crucial feature for bilateral cooperation. Suzhou will strive to maintain its position as one of the cities with the closest and most robust ties to Singapore.


    In the context of the development opportunities brought by China-Singapore cooperation, GAREA Technology's Singapore headquarters was officially signed at the symposium, actively responding to the Suzhou government's policy of supporting enterprises to "go global", and taking root in Suzhou while expanding its global reach, shining brightly in the new practice of Chinese modernization in Suzhou.


    On February 20th, Secretary Cao Lubao and his delegation witnessed the formal settlement of key companies at IBCC, accompanied by officers from the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore and the Jurong Group. As a representative of the Phase II project at IBCC, GAREA Technology will actively leverage its product and technological advantages to build a comprehensive business scenario and service system that is suitable for overseas primary healthcare markets, starting from Singapore as a new starting point, guided by the national policy of building a new development pattern with the dual circulation.


    Secretary Cao Lubao and his delegation gained a thorough understanding and experience with the products and business platform during their visit to the GAREA Singapore office, where they were given a comprehensive presentation by Chairman YANG Haofang on the company's independently developed digital healthcare product matrix, big data and business cloud platform, innovative scenarios for digital healthcare applications, and typical case created, which were highly recognized.


    Secretary Cao acknowledged and praised GAREA Technology's digital innovation in the primary healthcare field, encouraging GAREA to make full use of Singapore's international advantages and leverage its industry strengths accumulated over the years in the primary healthcare field. He also urged GAREA to seize the opportunities presented by the China-Singapore cooperation platform and actively expand its overseas digital primary healthcare market, connecting with high-quality resources and critical technologies abroad.


    Secretary Cao urged that combining the opportunity of domestic digital industry construction, we should continue to deepen product and business exploration in Suzhou, integrate artificial intelligence, big data and other digital technologies with medical and health industry innovation, deeply participate in Suzhou's health big data collaboration and digital medical industry innovation construction, and promote the common growth of the city and enterprises.


    In recent years, under the guidance of the national construction of a new development pattern with the dual circulation, GAREA Technology has been deeply engaged in the field of primary healthcare, contracted to build a number of national pilot projects of health reform in China, and created models of primary healthcare project construction with demonstration effect. At the same time, GAREA is actively expanding overseas markets, continue to expand our business layout in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and other regions to build a more far-reaching primary healthcare service industry layout by taking the development of the "One Belt One Road" Initiative as an opportunity.